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General Provision
and Business Philosophy

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Acceptance of Prices and Conditions

Forwarding of an order is construed as acceptance of all prices and conditions under which the publisher sells advertising space.

ad Position

The Lexington Herald-Leader will attempt to honor all position requests, but we cannot guarantee that your ad will be on a particular page or in a specific section.

advertisements resemBlinG neWs stories

The Lexington Herald-Leader reserves the right to review any advertising set to resemble news matter. Any advertising submitted in this style must, at a minimum, follow these criteria for consideration for publication:

  • Must carry the word "Advertisement" in bold type, no less than 12 points, at the top of the ad, up to 2 column, for larger ads typeset once for each 2 column width.
  • Fonts in Letras, BentonGothic & Bureau Roman may not be used.
  • Ads must be surrounded by at least a 3-point border.
  • Ad may not use a news style byline or dateline.

Free standing inserts that resemble editorial content published by the Lexington Herald-Leader are subject to review by our editorial board. The Lexington Herald-Leader reserves the right to accept or reject the insert based on the editorial board's findings. Advance copies should be received three weeks prior to insertion date for review.

annual ContraCt reGulations

Contracts for the newspaper's advertising are for one year from the effective date.

Upon signing a retail advertising agreement, the advertiser agrees to use the minimum dollars agreed upon during the contract term. In the event the minimum dollar amount contracted for is not fulfilled, the advertiser will be billed, in addition to the price charged, the difference between it and the price actually earned based on the schedules shown.

BroKered sPaCe

Any material submitted for publication that contains multiple advertisers that are not under the same ownership should be received three weeks prior to distribution for approval. The Lexington Herald-Leader reserves the right to refuse any material that, in its opinion, contains advertising space that was sold by a third party or at a brokered price.


In the event the advertiser has prepaid for advertising which is later rejected or cancelled by the Lexington Herald-Leader, the sole liability for such action by the Lexington Herald-Leader shall be a refund of the unused portion of the prepayment for such canceled advertising. Advertiser shall not be entitled to any refund or credit for prepaid advertising which is cancelled by the advertiser after the first day of publication of the advertisement. If advertisement is not pre-paid and advertiser wishes to cancel an ad after space reservation deadline, advertiser will be billed a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of the advertisement.

Color and insert CaPaCity

At certain times of the year, the company may reach its capacity to handle color advertising and preprinted inserts. The earlier reservations are submitted for these two areas, the less likely problems will occur. In the event that capacity is reached, advertiser requests for color and preprinted inserts will be filled on a first priority basis.

CoPy Guidelines

The Lexington Herald-Leader reserves the right to reject or revise any copy for any reason deemed material by the Publisher. The Lexington Herald-Leader is committed to publishing advertising for those businesses that practice fair and equal treatment to all customers, regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability. In all cases, the advertiser assumes liability for the content of all advertising printed and agrees to hold the Lexington Herald-Leader blameless from all claims arising there from.

CoPyriGHt and usaGe

Advertiser agrees that by placing an advertisement in the Lexington Herald-Leader, advertiser licenses to the Lexington Herald-Leader, on a non-exclusive basis, all copyrights and other ownership rights in the advertisement, including the right to publish, reproduce, display, adapt, transmit, or produce derivative works in any medium, including any digitized or electronic medium. Advertiser authorizes the Lexington Herald-Leader to bring suit in the unauthorized use, reproduction, display, distribution, or performance of the advertisement as it appears in the Lexington Herald-Leader or for its unauthorized alteration. Nothing shall prevent advertiser from placing the same or a similar advertisement in any other media, or from bringing suit on its own behalf and at its own expense to enforce its copyright interests in the advertisements. Photographs of individuals for advertising use must be accompanied by a release form from the individual. Release forms are available from your advertising representative.

Customer suPPlied ads

The Lexington Herald-Leader is printed by off-set lithography. A 85 line screen is requested for all halftones. Reverse type smaller than 8 points will not reproduce well on a 4-color press. For the best reproduction, all customer-supplied advertisements should be submitted electronically in a PDF format that is compatible with our printing facilities. Please visit our website, www.herald-leader.com, and click on AdDesk for format info and submission details. Or phone our Advertising Creative Service team at 859-231-1657. We will be happy to assist you.

douBle truCK CHarGes

Gutter is charged as a full column and double color prices apply.

druG/mediCal ads

All advertising of a drug or medical nature must adhere to the drug and medical standards of the Publisher and must be received in sufficient time before publication for consideration by Publisher.

error resPonsiBility

The Publisher's schedule of proof and electronic deadlines must be observed in order to ensure publication and quality. Typographical accuracy shall be at the risk of the advertiser on copy received for publication after the deadline/ quality assurance date. Deadlines are subject to change during peak holiday periods. Advertisers will receive prior notification. The Lexington Herald-Leader cannot assume responsibility for errors in advertisements, unless the newspaper fails to correct errors clearly marked by the advertiser on proofs returned to the newspaper within deadline requirements. The Lexington Herald-Leader's liability for an error shall be limited to the portion of the advertisement affected by the error, and in no event shall such liability exceed the cost of the advertisement in which the error occurs. Notice of errors must be given in time for correction before additional insertions are made. Claims for error adjustment must be made within thirty (30) days of error date. In the event of non-publication of copy furnished, no liability shall exist on the part of the Lexington Herald-Leader, except that no charge shall be made therefore. On multiple insertion ads, credit for errors will be allowed on the first insertion only. All errors in advertisements must be reported to the Lexington Herald-Leader within 30 days of publication. The Lexington Herald-Leader reserves the right to adjust only those errors reported within this specific period. On customer-supplied digital ads, the Lexington Herald-Leader assumes no responsibility for failure to publish or incorrect publication of ads that have not adhered to Ad File Preparation guidelines available online at www.herald-leader.com/ads. Advertisers are strongly encouraged to submit a test file and have it verified prior to electronic submission of a live ad. Please call 859-231-1657 to arrange a test.

issue advertisinG

Advertising which states an opinion or is commenting on an issue will be charged at the appropriate national price in effect. The Lexington Herald-Leader has the sole discretion to determine whether content is issue or opinion in nature.

Key numBers and CouPon eXPirations

The publisher is not responsible for key numbers or coupon expiration dates to be set in ad copy unless written instructions are received from advertiser prior to deadline.

PolitiCal advertisinG

Advertising retail agreement options available to any candidate running for city or county public office. Cash with order.

ProoFs Proofs are not guaranteed for materials submitted after deadline. Excessive changes made on proofs are subject to additional charges.

storaGe oF Printed materials

The Lexington Herald-Leader cannot be responsible for printed material left with publisher for more than 30 days after publication unless instructions to return it at advertisers' expense are furnished with the order.

Download a PDF (1.1MB)

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