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Retail Advertising
Full Name Title Work Phone Email Address
Woods, Kim VP of Advertising 859-231-3503 kwoods@herald-leader.com
Bratton, Amy Account Executive 859-231-1427 abratton@herald-leader.com
Barnes, Shannon Account Executive 859-231-3435 sbarnes@herald-leader.com
Bruecken, Jackie Medical Account Executive 859-231-3193 jbruecken@herald-leader.com
Curtis, Sue Account Executive 859-231-1321 scurtis@herald-leader.com
Elsen, Fran Local Retail/Skirt Sales Manager 859-231-3323 felsen@herald-leader.com
Hurst, Sherise Key Account Executive 859-231-1607 shurst@herald-leader.com
Jones, A.J. Account Executive 859-231-1427 ajones1@herald-leader.com
Lassman, Amy National Account Executive 859-231-1481 alassman@herald-leader.com
Logan, Mike Account Executive 859-231-1435 mlogan@herald-leader.com
Osborne, Tammy Majors/National/Sales Manager 859-231-3181 tosborne@herald-leader.com
Peebles, Elaine Sales Associate 859-231-1655 epeebles@herald-leader.com
Reynolds, Cindy Account Executive 859-231-3460 lreynolds@herald-leader.com
Sinkhorn, Cathy Major Account Executive 859-231-3141 csinkhorn@herald-leader.com

All other Retail Advertising calls: 859-231-3434

Advertising Creative Service (ACS)
Full Name Title Work Phone Email Address
Larkin, Kathy Sections Editor 859-231-1660 klarkin2@herald-leader.com
Medina, Lynn ACS Supervisor 859-231-3271 lmedina@herald-leader.com
Napier, Lee Preprint Coordinator 859-231-3137 lnapier@herald-leader.com
Pace, Jane Ashley Targeted Publications Coordinator 859-231-3538 jpace@herald-leader.com

All other ACS calls: 859-231-1657

Classified Advertising
Full Name Title Work Phone Email Address
Brooks, Mandy Real Estate Account Executive 859-231-1438 abrooks@herald-leader.com
Broughton, Judy Obituary Account Executive 859-231-3106 hlobits@herald-leader.com
Dryden, Jennifer Real Estate Account Executive 859-231-1624 jdryden@herald-leader.com
Jarvis, Barbara Legals/Associate 859-231-1460 bjarvis@herald-leader.com
McConnell, Tammy Employment Account Executive 859-231-1485 tmcconnell@herald-leader.com
Sidebotham, Jonelle Call Center Account Executive 859-231-3163 jsidebotham@herald-leader.com
Sturgis, B. J. Employment Account Executive 859-231-3511 bwilliams1@herald-leader.com
Wilson, Jackie Obituary Account Executive 859-231-3215 hlobits@herald-leader.com

All other Classified Advertising calls: 859-231-3150

Piston Advertising
Full Name Title Work Phone Email Address
Burkhaulter, Deosha Automotive/Piston Associate 859-231-1403 dburkhaulter@herald-leader.com
Davis, Marty Piston Sales Manager 859-231-1434 mdavis2@herald-leader.com
Harper, Will Automotive Account Executive 859-231-3169 wharper@herald-leader.com
Harrison, Krystina Piston Account Executive 859-231-3169 kharrison@herald-leader.com
Jarvis, Warren Automotive Account Executive 859-231-1622 wjarvis@herald-leader.com
Zeroll, Anna Piston Account Executive 859-231-1636 azeroll@herald-leader.com


Kentucky.com Advertising
Full Name Title Work Phone Email Address
Dyer, Kevin Interactive Sales Assoociate 859-231-3107 kdyer@herald-leader.com
Hicks, James Interactive Sales Associate 859-231-1614 jhicks@herald-leader.com
Kim, Christina dealsaver Account Executive 859-231-3158 ckim@herald-leader.com
McGinnis, Heather Interactive/Classified Director 859-231-3164 hmcginnis@herald-leader.com
Powers, Kate Account Executive 859-231-1315 kpowers@herald-leader.com
Stacy, George Digital/dealsaver Sales Associate 859-231-1615 gstacy@herald-leader.com

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