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Targeted Inserts

Target your message down to the neighborhood with slick sheets (coated, 8.5x11, full color front and back), quick sheets (uncoated, 8.5x11 full color front and back), four-page glossy tabloids (coated, 11x17, full color front and back) and four-page offset tabloids (uncoated, 11x17, full color front and back). Send your message where you want and when you want for one low price with measurable results, no waste and no contract. Contact your Herald-Leader account executive for more information and assistance.

Targeted Sections

Aim for the customers you want to reach! Advertise in the Herald-Leader's targeted publications: "Kentucky Derby" in May, "College Football Preview" in August, "LexGo Guide" in September, "College Guide" in October or "College Basketball Preview" in November are among the many sections in which advertisers can reach customers. For more information and to advertise, email Jane Ashley Pace, or call 859-231-3538.

Specialty Advertising

For information about polybag and sample-bag advertising, email Tammy Osborne, 859-231-3181, or email Amy Lassman, 859-231-1481.

Customized Inserts

Tell your story to readers in Central Kentucky with a customized section, a publication that contains articles about your business, faith group, charity, association or event. Popular customized 2010 sections include "American Cancer Society" in February, "Lexington Legends 10th Anniversary" in March, "Saint Joseph East Women’s Hospital" and "Central Kentucky Home, Garden and Flower Show" in April, "Horse Mania 2010" in July, and "Breast Cancer Awareness" in October.

Tailor your section to reach Fayette County only or Fayette plus other counties. Partnering with the Herald-Leader on a customized section is a cost-effective way to tell your story, your way. For details, email Jane Ashley Pace, or call 859-231-3538.

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