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The Lexington Herald-Leader, the best source for award-winning coverage of news, business, sports and entertainment in Kentucky, the nation and the world, provides the readership advertisers seek. Every day, the Herald-Leader contains sections with the kind of information readers look for to make a difference in their lives, such as:

  • Monday’s Business Monday
  • Tuesday’s Life+Health
  • Wednesday’s Life+Neighbors
  • Thursday’s Life+Food
  • Friday’s Weekender and Wheels
  • Saturday’s Life+Faith and Life+Home
  • Sunday’s Arts+Life, Opinions+Ideas, TVBook, HomeSeller, Comics and Careerbuilder

Advertise today and tap into the buying power of more than a quarter-million daily readers of the Herald-Leader. Call your account executive today or 859-231-3150.


Everyone is a star in our Celebrations section. Place your Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary or other exciting announcement on www.kentucky.com/celebrations or contact Barbara Jarvis at 859-231-1460. Share your event with friends and relatives in the paper and online.

Obituary Announcements

Basic announcements up to eight lines for Kentucky residents are free. Families who want additional information published may do so at a per line charge. For more information, call your funeral director or the Herald-Leader at 859-231-3215 or 800-766-6248 or by email at hlobits@herald-leader.com.


To be part of the Herald-Leader’s directories:

Church Elaine Peebles 859-231-1655
Medical Jackie Bruecken 859-231-3193
Travel (in state) Lauren Renshaw 859-231-3435
Travel (out of state) Amy Lassman 859-231-1481

Sunday Comics

Reach customers of all ages in this colorful Sunday favorite, featuring excellent full-color reproduction.

Added visibility makes the gatefold – a half-page wide sheet attached to the right-hand side of the front page of the Comics – a strong advertising choice. Both sides are available for printing. The spadea wrap also offers enhanced visibility. It covers a quarter of the left-hand side of the front page of the Comics, wrapping around three-quarters of the back page. Both sides are available for printing. For advertising information, contact your account executive or Tammy Osborne at 859-231-3181.

Sunday Help Wanted Section

Our Sunday Classified section is widely viewed as the largest selection of printed job postings in Central Kentucky. We offer several options including color on our front page, discounts on multiple categories and creative services at no charge. Contact your representative on Wednesday to find out current specials and deadlines. If you don't know who your account representative is please contact Tammy McConnell at 859-231-1485.

Co-op Opportunities

Thousands of manufacturers offer advertising assistance to their dealers through co-op in an effort to help promote their brands at the local level. Let us help you find out if you have co-op dollars available!

Contact your Account Executive or Jane Ashley Pace at (859) 231-3538.

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